Best aluminum structural analysis software

Façade and its component Aluminum & glass are required to be designed, and finding the best aluminum structural analysis software is important to get optimized and complete design.  Nowadays we are witnessing a revolution in the software industry, many startup software and solutions are coming up, and it is always critical and important to choose the right software for your business and your need.

If we are talking about the Structural analysis and design of Façade units and its elements; The main aluminum frames, the Glass and the connection bracket then I would say the only software that can perform this task effectively is Dlubal RFEM software.

In the Middle East, RFEM software is not quite famous although it is a very strong software coming out of Germany.

Dlubal Company based in Germany and spanning to over 10 locations started Since 1987, and it has continuously developed and optimized user-friendly and powerful programs for structural analysis and design since then.

Comparing RFEM to the other competing software like Autodesk Robot or CSP SAP2000, you will notice that RFEM is taking the lead in the Facade / aluminum and glass industry due to the fact that the software has its own unique addons that complete the structural design of the façade unit.

So why RFEM is the best aluminum structural analysis software?


  • The aluminum structures design: according to the American code ADM2020 or Euro Code E3.
  • Has a vey powerful product called Shape thin (or recently changed into Rsection 1) that allow you to customize and create your own profiles and cross section…
  • Has a powerful addon that allow you to design the glass panels, more important any glass shape, straight, curved or any irregular shape. Also any type of glass whether its laminated or insulated glass
  • Has a unique product that is called RWIND which is basically a digital wind tunnel analysis that is used for simulation of wind flows around any building geometries
best aluminum structural analysis software

More insights and details are available on the Dlubal website:

Here also we are showing the latest features and improvements of the software:

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