Most comprehensive / best structural analysis software

Finding the best structural analysis software is a time consuming task, in the structural engineering industry there are so many existing structural software:

  • RFEM, Dlubal
  • Etabs, CSI
  • SAP2000, CSI
  • Staad pro, Bentley
  • RAM, Bentley
  • Robot, Autodesk
  • Midas
  • Tekla Structural Designer
  • SCIA
  • others…

And the list goes on and on….

Each software serve a specific purpose and has a unique strength, e.g. Etabs is very popular and strong in concrete building design, Staad is popular for industrial structures design but weak in concrete building design and it’s kinda old software have not shown any decent improvement or enhancement since the day it got acquired by Bentley software company in 2005.

So, Which is the Best structural analysis software and why?

I will tell about a software that most of you have not heard about! it is originated from Germany and it is very famous there and in Europe but not much in the rest of the world, this software is called RFEM from Dlubal Company.

So what so special about it?

A simple answer, it is a complete & comprehensive structural design software almost for everyone and for everything!

Usually any structural software will be good in concrete design or steel but RFEM is good in everything; you basically can use it to design:

  • Concrete building
  • Steel building (hot rolled, cold formed, built-up)
  • It has a unique built-in steel joint FEM designer
  • Façade units along the aluminum & glass
  • Tower & Mast
  • Soil analysis
  • Timber
  • Masonry
  • Tensile membrane (fabric)
  • Piping
  • Crane beams
  • others…
So this means you can use one single software for all your structural needs ~ (I really don’t see this elsewhere)

Beside the versality, what else good about RFEM software?

I will list few more points here:

  • Support; Dlubal company supports everyone even if the customer is off-maintenance or even if the question is from a student or individual…
  • They have a powerful Digital Wind Tunnel feature called RWIND that can simulate the wind tunnel and generate pressures, stresses and forces, and even you can capture these forces and use them in your analysis.
  • You can design any cross section; they have an add-on called RSECTION that can help you to build and customize your own shape and then design it according to the codes
  • RFEM has very strong and detailed meshing feature.
  • It has AI and powerful optimization feature

Therefore I would say RFEM Software is the Best structural analysis software And following is a complete list of features for RFEM software:

How can I Test and Trial it?

Dlubal company is so kind to give you a 90 days trial period, and from the below link you can request it:

Ok RFEM is a great software, From where can I buy it?

In the Middle East area, Structures Oasis is taking care of the software, you can contact them at and you can also view the current bundles and offer at:

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