Interoperability, integration and data exchange

nowadays we are witnessing evolution in data and data management, this also the case in the construction software industry.

There are many software available in the construction industry and each one of them has its own file format and data type.

Now the industry is toward building interoperability between these different software and try to bring them together, and one of the famous file format is the IFC format, the IFC format is actually seen not only in BIM software but now we are seeing it in structural analysis software and even plant design software which makes the data exchange and interoperability better.

Where can we see successful interoperability?

I would say the process can help in certain aspects, e.g. exchanging data from design to BIM, but the fact is that the interoperability does not always works and it almost never gives a guaranteed and successful data transfer.

Personally I would prefer to build the project in its own software as you will have full control and ownership of your project without worrying about faults or missing data.

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