The Best AutoCAD Alternative!

There is a reason to look for the Best AutoCAD Alternative as you want to insure work continuity, steady and smooth transition to a new software.

In fact when someone says the word CAD then the first things comes to your mind is AutoCAD software, as traditionally it is the most well known CAD software in the market and the construction industry.

But the fact is that the CAD market is way bigger and broader than just AutoCAD and there are plenty of AutoCAD alternative software in the market.

Ok, what other good CAD software that I can use?

One of the best and strongest AutoCAD alternative is ZWCAD, in fact if you use ZWCAD then you will not ever go back to using AutoCAD…

So why ZWCAD is the Best AutoCAD Alternative and even considered better than AutoCAD?

  • Performance; ZWCAD is proven to perform faster in general, faster in starting and faster in loading the drawing. And it is tested to perform much faster in opening large DWG files.
  • Support/new features; ZWSOFT which is the owner of ZWCAD listens to their customers and listen to their feedback and requests.
  • File size; ZWCAD installation package is much lighter so downloading & installing is much faster.
  • Licensing type; ZWCAD is primarily sold as perpetual license to the users so they can own it, therefore it becomes an asset to them not like AutoCAD which is just being sold as subscription only
  • Cost; even though ZWCAD is sold as perpetual license but still its perpetual license cost less than AutoCAD subscription.
ZWCAD, the Best AutoCAD Alternative

Ok, ZWCAD seems to be a great software, from where can I buy it?

In the Middle East Structures oasis promote and sells ZWCAD, you can reach them at

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